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Enoch and the People of God

Adam and Eve once lived in the Garden of Eden and walked and talked with God. But one day they disobeyed God and they had to leave the garden. They still loved God very much and wanted to please Him. They worshipped Him by sacrificing a perfect lamb and they listened to His voice.

An angel came one day and explained to Adam that God had planned from the very beginning that His Son, Jesus Christ, would one day die so that all people would have the opportunity to come back into God's presence.

Adam and some of his sons and their families called on God to be with them and guide them in the right way to live their lives. Because these men loved God and because God wished that all the people could know about Him these men were chosen by God to tell the people. God made Adam and many of his sons "Priesthood". It was the job of the priesthood to tell the people about God and of Jesus Christ and help the people live as God wanted them to live. Adam lived to be very old. He ordained many men to the priesthood as God chose them. Enoch was a young man of twenty-five when he was chosen by God to be in the priesthood. Adam laid his hands on Enoch's head and ordained him. An ordination is a special prayer by another priesthood member which gives a man a special blessing to teach the people of God's ways.

Adam was the first member of the priesthood and there will be priesthood members even until the end of the world.

When Enoch was sixty-five, which was young in the days when many people lived for hundreds of years, he was journeying in the land. As he journeyed the Spirit of God came to him. God spoke to Enoch, "Enoch, my son, speak to these people. I have given commandments to their father, Adam. But these people have chosen to ignore Me and have gone their own ways making secret plans and murdering each other. If they continue to do these things they will go to hell. I am very angry with them."

Hell is a place that God prepared from the very beginning. People who go there after they die are those who loved to tell lies and hurt other people. They are people who would not listen to God and would not obey His commandments. They will have to stay in hell for a very long time, until the end of time. The people who go there suffer because they know that the things they have done have been wrong. And they will have to stay there until Jesus Christ has won the war with Satan who would like all of us to turn away from God. After Jesus has beaten Satan and made everything right again many of the people in hell will then be given places to live that are more wonderful than we can imagine. Angels will be with them, but God and Jesus cannot be with them. So it is important for us to know that if we really love God and want to be with Him we must follow His commandments and teachings.

Enoch bowed down and said, "Why have you chosen me to do this? I am young and the people hate me. They will not listen to me, I don't know how to say things."

And God answered Enoch, "Do as I have commanded you. I will give you the words to say. No one will be able to hurt you or stop you. I made these people and I can do whatever seems good to Me. Tell them that they must choose Me, the Lord God who made them. My Spirit will be with you and the people will know it. If you tell a mountain or a river to move I will move it. If you will serve Me I will always be with you and we will walk together."

Then God told Enoch to put clay on his eyes and then to wash the clay away from his eyes. When Enoch had done this he could see things that no one else could see. He could see the spirits that God had created and many other things that were a mystery because natural eyes cannot see them.

Soon the people knew that Enoch could see the things which they could not see. They began to say, "The Lord has given us a seer."

Enoch began to go to the people. He stood on the hills and other high places so that the people would be able to see and hear him. The people did not like what he had to say. Enoch cried in a loud voice of all the evil things that they were doing. But many people were curious to see and hear him. They said Enoch was a wild man, that way they could pretend that what he said was not true and they could ignore it. But as much as they didn't like what Enoch said they could not hurt him. They were very afraid of Enoch, God's power was with him.

Enoch told the people that God had spoken with him and commanded him to speak to them. "The God who spoke to me is the God who made heaven and the earth. He made me and He made all of you. Why do you say that He did not do these things? Why do you choose to forget what happened to our father, Adam? Why do you ignore the teachings of God?"

These words made the people shake and tremble so much that they could not stand on their feet.

"We are born and live because Adam disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden. Because of this we also have times of trouble and misery, and we must die. Satan has also come among us and asks us to worship him by becoming evil and by turning our backs on God."

"God told Adam that even though he had disobeyed he could turn again to God instead of turning away. Adam could listen to God's voice and believe in Him. He could repent, be sorry for his sins, and be baptized in the water in the name of Jesus Christ."

"Each of us is born into the world. To be born into the kingdom of heaven we must be born again in the water by being baptized. Then we are baptized by the Holy Spirit. And when Jesus Christ dies His blood will wash away the sins of all people who love Him and follow God's commandments."

"Little children do not need to be baptized, for they are clean and Jesus loves them. As they grow up they will learn what is good and what is bad so that they can learn to love the good. But they may choose to turn toward God or away from Him. If they choose the good they will be baptized."

These are some of the things that Enoch preached to the people. Many of them believed him and repented and were baptized.

The people who were baptized became known as 'the people of God'. Enoch was their leader.

Now the people who did not want to listen to Enoch and did not repent began to hate the people of God. They went to war against them and tried to destroy them. But the power of God was with Enoch and was with His people. Enoch had only to speak and a mountain would move and the earth would shake and rivers would change their course. All those who fought against the people of God began to be very afraid of them.

The people of God built a city and God called it 'Zion'. There were no poor people there. Everyone loved one another and they were all rich, for God lived there with them. God blessed the people in Zion.

The rest of the people were fighting and killing each other. God cursed them. The whole world was evil except for the people who lived in Zion. After three hundred and sixty-five years God took the whole city and all His people to heaven to be with Him. They did not die because they were so good.

When Jesus comes to the earth again the city of Zion will come back down from heaven and all the good people will live on the earth with Jesus Christ for a thousand years. Then finally those who were obedient will see God also and live with Jesus and God.

Adapted for children by Lois M. Anderson
From Genesis 6:26-7:78 Inspired Version and the Doctrine and Covenants, Section 36, Section 76:7 and Section 104:24a

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