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The Faith of the Brother of Jared

At the time of Noah, the people of the earth became so wicked that God destroyed them in a flood. The only ones to survive were Noah and his wife, and Noah's three sons and their wives. These eight people still worshipped God and obeyed Him.

After the flood Noah's sons and their wives had families and soon there were many people on the earth again.

All of the people of the earth were now descendants of Noah. They all spoke the same language. Now there are thousands of languages on the earth and this makes it hard for us to become friends and understand each other.

Some of the people traveled west and found a plain which seemed like a good place to live. They called it the plain of Shinar. They were proud people and did not do as God wanted them to do.

They said, "Let us build a city, and let us build a tower that will reach toward heaven. Let us make a name for ourselves that we will never be scattered."

God was not pleased with the people. They were proud and were building the city and the tower to show everyone how great they were. They thought they could do anything that they wanted.

God did not want the people to be able to do anything they wanted. When people do not worship God the things they want to do are usually not good.

All of a sudden the people found that they could not work together. The building of the city and tower came to a stop. The people could not understand each other anymore. When someone gave instructions the people who were doing the work could not understand what they were to do. They couldn't ask someone else what was being said. God had caused it that the people's languages were changing and they could not work together anymore. It became so difficult not being able to understand one another that they could not even live together. The people scattered and the city and tower were abandoned.

The name of the abandoned city was from then on called 'Babel'.

A man named Jared lived on the plain of Shinar at the time when the city and tower were being built. When God changed the languages of the people Jared became very concerned for his family and friends. Jared and his family believed in God and believed that God could help them. He went to his brother. We do not know the name of Jared's brother. It is possible that he was so important to his family that his name was kept a secret from everyone but his family and friends. We are told that he was a large and mighty man. He is the one who prayed to the Lord for his family and God talked with him.

Jared said to his brother, "Cry to the Lord for us. Ask Him to please not change our language and cause us to not be able to understand each other."

The brother of Jared did cry to God. God did not change the language of Jared and his brother or their friends and families.

Jared then said to his brother, "Go ask the Lord if He will drive us out of the land. If He will drive us out of the land cry to Him and ask where we should go. Who knows, God may have a very good land for us. Let us be faithful to God so that we may inherit it."

Jared's brother again went to the Lord and asked Him all the things which Jared had asked. God had compassion on the brother of Jared and told him to gather his family and friends and flocks. "I will go before you into a land which is choice above all the lands of the earth. And I will bless you and make your children and the children of your brother Jared a great nation. I will do this because you had faith in Me and called on Me."

So Jared and his brother and their families and friends began a long journey to a promised land. Finally they came to the sea. They called the land Moriancumer. They lived there for four years.

At the end of four years the Lord came to the brother of Jared in a cloud. The Lord had lead them from Babel by speaking to them from a cloud. When the people reached Moriancumer they had traveled for a long time. They rested there and they must have liked it there. Besides, they could go no farther, for they were next to the sea. The brother of Jared and the people forgot to pray and call on God.

God spoke with the brother of Jared for three hours from the cloud. He scolded the brother of Jared for not calling on Him for all this time. The brother of Jared was very sorry. From now on he would remember to call on God.

The Lord said, "I will forgive you and your people of their sins, but you must not sin anymore. If you become fully grown, or ripe, in sin My Spirit cannot be with you. You will be cut off from My presence. This is true of all people. When you sin, you must repent, and sin no more."

"You have built barges to cross many bodies of water on your way here. Go to work and build barges to cross this sea. I have a choice land on the other side of the water which is for your inheritance."

The brother of Jared and the people built eight barges according to God's directions. They were tight like a dish with a hole in the top and a hole in the bottom, and each hole had a tight lid to close it. When the people needed air they could open a hole. The barges would be driven by the wind and the waves to the promised land, so much of the time the holes would have to be closed.

When the barges were done the brother of Jared again called on the Lord. He said, "Lord, we have prepared the barges. Must we cross this deep water in the dark?"

And God said, "What would you have Me do? You will be tossed about by the wind and waves. You cannot have windows or the water will come into your barges. You cannot have fire for you will be tossed about and fire would be dangerous. What will you have Me do so that you may have light?"

The brother of Jared went up to a high mountain and melted sixteen small, clear stones out of a rock. He must have worked hard, for when he was done they were white and clear, like glass.

Then he went to the Lord again in great humility.

He cried to God, "Oh Lord, you have said that we must go across this sea and the winds and waves will toss us. Do not be angry with me because of my weakness. We know that You are holy and live in heaven and that we are not worthy before You. Because of the fall of Adam and Eve we have become evil. Yet You have told us that we may repent and call upon You. You have driven us from the plain of Shinar because we sinned and we have traveled for a long time. And You have been very merciful to us and good to us."

"Please Lord, look at me with pity and do not let us go across this ocean in darkness. I know that You have the power to do anything, and if You will You can touch these stones and make them shine so that we can have light. We know that You have great power which we cannot understand."

Then God touched each stone, one by one, with His finger. The brother of Jared had so much faith that he saw the finger which touched the stones. The brother of Jared fell down in fear, for the finger was like flesh and blood.

God said, "Why have you fallen?"

"I saw the finger of the Lord, and was afraid that He might smite me, I didn't know that the Lord had flesh and blood," answered the brother of Jared.

The Lord said to him, "Because of your faith you have seen that I shall take upon Me flesh and blood. Never has any man had such faith as you have. Otherwise you would not have been able to see My finger. Did you see any more than My finger?"

"No Lord, show Yourself to me," begged the brother of Jared.

"Will you believe the words which I shall speak?" asked the Lord.

"Yes, I will believe You, for You are a God of truth and cannot lie."

Then God showed Himself to the brother of Jared. "Because you know these things you are redeemed from the fall, in which Adam and Eve sinned and brought death to the world. You are brought back into My presence, that is why I am showing Myself to you."

"Behold, I am the one who was prepared from the foundation of the earth, from the beginning. I am Jesus Christ who will redeem and save the people of the earth. All who will believe in My name will live forever and become My sons and daughters. I am the Father and the Son."

"I have never before shown myself to any man whom I have created. Never has any man believed in Me as you have."

"Do you see that you have been created in My own image? All mankind have been created in My likeness."

"Behold, see that this is the body of My spirit, and I have created all mankind in the likeness of My body. You see Me in the spirit, but someday I will come to My people in the flesh."

The Lord told the brother of Jared many other things which he was not allowed to tell the rest of the people. They did not have the faith that he had and would not understand. But he was told to write them so that the people could know these things after Jesus Christ died on the cross to redeem all mankind. Christ also gave the brother of Jared two stones to be sealed up with his writings. Many, many years later the stones would be used to translate the writings of the brother of Jared. Some of the things that the brother of Jared wrote have still not been read. We will be allowed to read them when we have truly become a righteous people. They will be wonderful things to read.

Jared and his brother then continued their journey to the promised land. They became a great nation on the land that we now call the American continent. God blessed them when they worshipped Him and cursed them when they were evil. After many, many years they finally became so wicked that God completely took away His spirit from them. They destroyed themselves just as God was bringing another righteous people to the land to inherit it.

Because of the brother of Jared we know that God has loved His people at all times throughout the world. Whoever loves Him and calls on His name and repents of their sins is blessed.

Adapted for children by Lois M. Anderson
From Genesis, Chapters 8-10, 11:1-6 of the Inspired Version and Ether, Chapter 1 of the Book of Mormon

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