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Adam Sacrifices to God

When God made the world, He made a beautiful garden. It was called the Garden of Eden. It had all kinds of beautiful trees and plants. The garden also had two very special trees. One tree was the tree of life. The fruit on this tree would let one live forever. The other tree was the tree of knowledge of good and evil. The fruit of this tree made one know what was good and what was bad.

Also in the garden were many animals. It was like a zoo, except that the animals didn't need to live in cages or behind barb wire fences. The animals roamed around and were happy.

Two people live in the garden. They were the first people God put in this world. Their names were Adam and Eve. Adam and his wife, Eve, lived in the garden with the animals. They took care of the garden, caring for the plants and the animals. Now this was a nice job, not like the hard time we have in our gardens. Adam and Eve didn't have to kill insects and pull weeds all day. They didn't have to worry about the animals eating all their food so that they would be hungry. God told Adam and Eve that they could eat the fruit of any tree except one. If Adam and Eve ate the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil they would die. God said to Adam and Eve, "You may choose for yourselves whether to eat from this tree or not. But remember that I said not to, for if you eat of it you will surely die."

Adam and Eve lived in the garden and walked and talked with God. But one day something happened which ruined it all. One day Eve met a serpent. The devil was in the serpent and he said, "Eve, did God say you could not eat from every tree in the garden?"

"There is one tree of which we may not eat," said Eve. "If we eat from it we will die."

"You will not die," hissed the serpent. "But you will be as a god and know what is good and what is bad."

So Eve ate some of the fruit and gave some to Adam. Well, they didn't drop down dead, but right away they knew that they didn't have on any clothes. So they sewed some fig leaves together for clothes. But they still felt naked, so when they heard God walking in the garden they hid in the bushes.

When God finally found them Adam said, "We hid because we are naked."

"Who told you you were naked?" God asked. "Have you eaten from the tree that I told you to leave alone?"

"The woman whom you gave me gave me the fruit and I ate it," Adam said.

"The serpent tricked me and I ate the fruit," Eve said.

The serpent didn't say anything at all.

Then God told Adam and Eve what their lives would be like now. Eve would have to work hard and spend her days having babies and taking care of children. She would have to do what her husband told her to do.

Adam would have to work hard to raise their food. He would have to kill insects and pull weeds. He would have to guard the chickens from foxes and the sheep from the wolves. If he saved up food the rats and mice and mildew and mold would get into it. Oh, life would be hard!

And the worst part was that Adam and Eve could not be with God anymore. They could not walk in the garden with Him now.

God made coats of animal skins for Adam and Eve and made them leave the garden. He put an angel and a sword at the entrance of the garden so that Adam and Eve could not eat from the tree of life.

Now Adam and Eve began to work hard and have many children. Adam and Eve could talk to God and hear His voice from the garden but they couldn't see Him. God told Adam that they should worship Him and sacrifice the best of their flocks to Him. The way Adam was to do this was to kill a perfect lamb and burn it on an altar made of stones.

Adam and Eve did the things God told them because they wanted to please Him.

One day Adam was making his sacrifice to God when an angel came to him.

"Why are you making this sacrifice to God?" asked the angel.

Adam answered, "I don't know why, except that God told me to do this."

"Then I will tell you why you do it," said the angel. "This is so you will know that someday God's only Son, Jesus Christ, will die as this lamb has. Jesus, who will be perfect in every way and will never do anything wrong or sinful will die for all the wrong things that people will do. All the people who will believe in Jesus and try to be like Him will live with God again. This was planned from the very beginning because God loves all people and wants them to live with Him."

Then Adam and Eve were very happy. Because they ate the fruit which God said not to eat they now knew good from bad. If they believed in Jesus and followed God's teachings they would live with God again. And Eve was very happy because now they could have children.

Adam and Eve could not be in the garden and walk with God. But they loved God and had learned God's plan for them. They taught their children all they knew about God and looked forward to the time that they would be with Him again.

Adapted for children by Lois M. Anderson
from Genesis 2:10-4:12 Inspired Version

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Copyright 2001 Lois M. Anderson: All Rights Reserved
Last revised: August 7, 2001