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The Faithfulness of Abish

Ammon and his three brothers decided to go to the Lamanites to take the gospel of Jesus Christ. Ammon went to the land of Ishmael. Lamani was the king in that land. At first the Lamanites were very suspicious of Ammon because he was a Nephite. The king could do with Ammon as he liked. Lamoni was pleased when Ammon said that he would like to live there for a while, perhaps even until he died. Ammon said that he would be a servant to Lamoni.

Ammon served the king by watching his flocks with other servants of the king. One day some men scattered the flocks in order to steal them. King Lamoni's servants cried, for the king could kill them for losing his flocks. This was a good time for Ammon to teach them about God's power. They gathered the flocks back together. The men saw that there were not many servants to guard the flocks and they were not afraid of Ammon. They came back to scatter the flocks again and take care of Ammon. They thought they would easily kill him. But they were wrong. Ammon had the power of God with him and he killed or wounded the men who fought with him. Finally they left very angry and beaten. Ammon and the servants watered the flocks and returned to King Lamoni.

The servants told the king what had happened. Lamoni looked at Ammon with wonder. "Are you the Great Spirit?"

Ammon replied, "No, I am not the Great Spirit. Do you believe there is a Great Spirit?"

"Yes, I believe there is a Great Spirit," Lamoni said.

"The Great Spirit is God and I am only a man. But part of His Spirit is in me so that I may serve Him," said Ammon.

Ammon then told Lamoni about God and about Jesus Christ who would die in order that mankind might return to God. Ammon told Lamoni many things concerning God's plan. And Lamoni knew that these things,were true.

Lamoni was filled with the Spirit of God and fell to the ground as if he were dead. He was not dead, but God was showing him many things so that he could believe what was true. The queen and the people thought Lamoni was dead. Two days later, the people said that he was starting to stink and had better be buried. The queen said he didn't stink, she no longer believed that Lamoni was dead. She called for Ammon. Ammon assured her that he was not dead, he was filled with the Spirit of God. "I believe you," she said.

Finally Lamoni awakened. He was full of joy and told the queen many wonderful things. This time the king and queen both fell to the ground. Ammon began to pray for all the people and then he sank to the ground also. The servants of Lamoni were filled with the fear of God and began to pray also, they all fell to the ground filled with the Spirit of God. There was only one person left standing. Her name was Abish. Many years before her father had had a vision of Jesus Christ and was converted. She had listened to him tell of his vision and she believed in the Lord also. But she had never told anyone.

Abish saw the king, the queen, Ammon and the servants lying on the floor because they were filled with the Spirit of God. She thought that if the other people could see they would believe in God too. She went door to door to bring the people.

When the people saw what had happened they began to argue about what had caused it. One of the men who was angry because Ammon had killed his brother saw that this was a good time to kill Ammon. He walked over and stood over Ammon. He lifted his sword to kill him, but he himself fell dead.

Now the people really argued. They were all talking,and yelling at once. Some said Ammon was the Great Spirit, some said he was sent by the Great Spirit, others said he was a monster sent by the Nephites.

Abish was so sorry about what was happening that she began to cry. Finally she went over to the queen and tried to lift her. When she touched the queen's hand the queen awoke and stood. The queen was full of joy. Then King Lamani arose also. When he saw and heard the people arguing he was angry. He told them all the words of Ammon. Many of the people believed him, many of them left because they did not believe him. Ammon and the servants who now arose also spoke with the people about God.

Many people believed and repented of the bad things they had done. They were baptized and a church was started among the Lamanites. God's Spirit was with them.

Abish had been faithful to a vision that her father had had about God and Jesus. She remembered and when the time was right she helped many people come to God.

adapted by Lois M. Anderson
from Alma 12:29-180

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