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  Read the scriptures of the original
     Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

         Center Place Library  You can read the scriptures and other church literature on-line.

          Restoration Bookstore Price Publishing Co.  Where you can buy your own Restoration scriptures.

          RLDS Books (Oldbookman) Used and out-of-print books  

  Get information about the original
   Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

         Center Place--Where you can find all kinds of information about the Independent Branches of Restoration RLDS

          RLDS Resource Page--Testimonies and information concerning the original  Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

      Lois Speaks Out on RLDS Issues

          Lois Speaks Out

          This is Serious

     The Feasts of the Lord

    Book and Websites from a Christian perspective:


          Where is the Promise of His Coming? Janice Norris Fountain Published by Fountain Books 1995               

               I got my copy from   RLDS Books (Oldbookman) 


            El Shaddai Ministries

              Mark Biltz thoroughly explains the feasts and how they are all related to Jesus Christ.

              You can buy the videos or watch them on YouTube and you can print the notes for them from his website.

          The Jewish Feasts of the Lord and the Temple Sacrifices


          The 7 biblical feasts


          The Seven Feasts of Israel


   The Feasts of the Lord

    Websites from a Jewish perspective:


        Judaism 101  Use this as a starting point for learning about feast days and customs.


          The Temple Institute  Excellent interactive tour of the second temple as well as many other things which pertain to the temple.


          Hebcal Jewish Calendar  In order to understand the feasts one must understand the Hebrew calendar.



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