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The Seventh from Adam

Adam and I had been two people alone. We had struggled together to survive in a world which had been cruel and hard. If God had not taught us we would have returned to dust before we had experienced the real joys and sorrows of life. God had taught us well and we had survived. We had wanted to live and it was obvious that our children wanted the same, for they now covered the earth. What had been two pathetically helpless people had become families, tribes, and nations.

The inhabited lands around us were now numerous. Adam and his sons had traveled in them all and preached repentance to all the people. From our home, which was now Cainan, they now walked in Shulon, the land from which we had fled, and also Nod, Shum, Sharon, Enoch, Omner, Heni, Shem, Haner, and Hanannihah.

Adam and I were becoming old. I looked at the young children and strong adults. I envied them for their freshness. They were as Adam and I had once been. Adam and I had lived over six hundred years outside the garden. God had said we would surely die, but he had also surely given us many years of grace.

We had reached the seventh generation. Mahalaleel's son was Jared. Jared's son was named Enoch. It is ironic that this son should have the same name as the son of Cain. He was a sensitive and shy young man who had difficulty expressing himself. Many people ridiculed him because of this, but he touched a special part of me and I loved him very much. As a very young man of twenty-five years he was ordained by Adam into the priesthood. Now there were seven men as strong voices to the people who called for them to have faith in God and turn to him and repent. The seven men from father to seventh generation were, Adam, Seth, Enos, Cainan, Mahalaleel, Jared and Enoch.


Jared had taught his son well. The story which we had told our children around the fire had been written and passed down and taught to all the children of those who loved God. As small children many believed the story and loved it. But as they matured they began to ridicule it as merely a story for children, charming but unbelievable. It was this unbelief and rejection of a living God which led many into a covenant with Satan. Their covenant was strong and destructive in all the nations where it flourished.

Enoch traveled in the lands about us as his fathers did. These men were gone from their families for long periods of time. Enoch was away much of the time as his little son, Methuselah, grew and crawled in the sand at his mother's feet as she worked. Enoch was sixty-five the year of Methuselah's birth. It was the year when Adam gave Enoch a blessing and he also encountered God. And of course we who loved Enoch were told by him of many of the things he saw.


One day as Enoch traveled the Spirit of God descended upon him from heaven. He heard a voice from heaven saying, "Enoch, my son, prophesy to this people. Say to them, 'Repent, for this is what the Lord says, I am angry with this people and my fierce anger is kindled against them. Their hearts are hard and they will not listen and they will not see.'

'Many generations have passed since I created them. They have gone astray and have denied me. They have counseled together in the dark to devise murder and have not kept the commandments which I gave to their father, Adam.'

'For this reason they have made an oath to deny me and by this oath they have brought death upon themselves.'

'I have prepared an hell for them, if they do not repent.'

'This is a decree which I set forth from the beginning of the world, from my own mouth. My servants, your fathers, have told this to you. This decree shall be sent forth by my servants until the end of the world.'"

Enoch heard these words and bowed himself to the earth, before the Lord. "Why have I found favor in your sight? I am only a lad and the people hate me because I am slow of speech. How can I be your servant?"

"Go forth, and do as I have commanded you, and no man can hurt you," spoke the voice of God.

"Open your mouth, and it shall be filled, I will give you the words to say, for all flesh is in my hands and I will do what seems good to me."

"Say to this people, 'Choose this day to serve the Lord God who made you.'"

"Behold, Enoch, my Spirit is upon you, all your words will I prove to be true. The mountains shall flee before you and the rivers shall turn from their course. You shall be with me and I with you. Walk with me."

"Anoint your eyes with clay and wash them, and you shall see."

Enoch searched for the moist clay by a stream and closed his lids and applied it generously. He then bent down over the running water and washed the clay from off of his eyes. The water was fresh and cool and his face tingled with a sensation of cleanliness which he had never before experienced. And suddenly he could see. It was not his eyes which had opened but his mind and heart which at once understood the great yearning of God for the people he had created.

"Lord," Enoch cried as he fell to his knees and raised his face to heaven, "Now I see with your eyes, and I know the love you have for all these people. I will do as you bid me with gladness, for you are the living God who created heaven and earth. And these people are in desperate need of your guidance. I have no doubts, you will lead me and support me, and I will preach all the things which my fathers have taught me."


From that time Enoch was given great power from God in his work among the people. Enoch stood on high places where the people could see and hear him and delivered the message which God had entrusted with him. He testified of the sins of the people and the evil works which were done in secret.

Even though the people did not like his message and would try to kill him in order to quiet him they came anyway, out of curiosity. "There is a seer in the land, and he prophesies. He is a strange one indeed, a wild man. We will go to see him."

They came to see a crazy man and came with killing in their hearts. But when they finally confronted Enoch they were afraid. No man could touch him, for God was with him.

"Tell us the truth, who are you and from where do you come?" challenged a man by the name of Mahijah,

Enoch answered Mahijah civilly, "I come from Cainan, the land of my fathers. The people of Cainan are a righteous people. I was taught all the ways of God by my father."

"As I journeyed from Cainan I traveled along the sea. I saw a vision. The heavens were opened and the Lord spoke to me. He commanded me to say the words which I have spoken, I honor and obey the commandments of God."

"The Lord which spoke to me is the God of heaven. He is my God and your God and you are my brothers. Why do you counsel each other to deny the God of heaven?"

"The heavens he made, the earth is his footstool. The foundation of it is his, for he laid it. Hosts of men has he brought in upon the face of it."

"And death has come upon our fathers, nevertheless, we know them and cannot deny them. Even our first father is with us, Adam. A book of remembrance is written among us, its pattern having been given by the finger of God. And it is given in our own language.''

At these words the people trembled with fear and could not stand.

"Because Adam fell, we are. And by his fall came death so that we share in misery and woe."

"Satan has come among the children of men and tempted them to worship him. They have become concerned only with their own bodies and pleasures, behaving as brutes as Satan does himself. Because of this they have been shut out from the presence of God."

"God has made it known to our fathers that all people must repent."

"God called upon our father, Adam, with his own voice. He said, 'I am God. I made the world and I made men before they were in the flesh.'

'If you will, turn to me, and listen to my voice. Believe in me, repent of all your transgressions, and be baptized in water, in the name of my Only Begotten Son, who is full of grace and truth, whose name is Jesus Christ. The name of Jesus Christ is the only name under heaven which shall give salvation to the children of men. You shall also receive the Holy Ghost, and as you ask all things in the name of Jesus Christ they shall be given to you.'"

"And Adam said to the Lord, 'Why is it that men must repent and be baptized in water?'"

"And the Lord answered him, 'I have forgiven you your transgressions in the garden of Eden.' For this reason we have a saying in the land of Cainan, the land of my fathers, 'God has atoned or paid for original guilt, for this reason the sins of the parents cannot be answered upon the children, for they are whole from the foundation of the world.'"

"The Lord continued to speak to Adam, 'Your children are conceived in a world of sin. Because of this, when they begin to grow up, sin begins to form in their hearts and minds. They begin to taste the bitter, that they may prize the good.'

'It is given to them to know good from evil, in order that they may decide for themselves which they wish to follow.'

'This is another commandment I have given you, teach it to your children, that all men, everywhere, must repent or they cannot enter into the kingdom of God.'

'No unclean thing can come into the kingdom of God, or dwell in the presence of God. For in your own language my name is Man of Holiness. The name of my Only Begotten is the Son of Man, also Jesus Christ. He is a righteous judge who shall come in the meridian of time.'

'Teach this to your children, that, because of the fall, which brings death, and because you were born into the world by water and blood, and the spirit, which I made, so from the dust you become a living soul.'

'Even so, you must be born again, into the kingdom of heaven. You must be born of water, and of the Spirit, and be cleansed by blood. The blood is the blood of my Only Begotten, that you may be cleansed and made holy from all sin, and enjoy the words of eternal life in the world to come, even immortal glory.'

'By the waters of baptism you keep my commandment. By the Spirit of the Holy Ghost you are justified, or forgiven of your sins. And by the blood you are sanctified, which is to be cleansed and made pure.'

'Then is given to you the record of heaven, the Comforter, or Holy Ghost, the peaceable things of immortal glory, the truth of all things. It is this Holy Ghost which brings all things to life and makes them live. It knows all things and has power by the use of wisdom, mercy, truth, justice and judgment.'

'All this which I have said to you is the plan of salvation offered to all men, through the blood of my Only Begotten Son, who shall come in the meridian of time.'

'All things have their likeness. All things are created and made to bear record of me. All things physical, all things spiritual, things which are in the heavens above, and things which are on the earth, and things which are in the earth, and things which are under the earth, all these things bear record of me.'"

"After the Lord had spoken these things to Adam, Adam cried to the Lord. He was caught away by the Spirit of the Lord and carried down into the water. He was laid under the water and brought again out of the water. This is how he was baptized."

"After Adam was baptized in the water the Spirit of God came down upon him, and he was born of the Spirit, and the Spirit brought to life the things of the spirit within Adam."

"Then Adam heard a voice out of heaven saying, 'You are baptized with fire and with the Holy Ghost. This is a record of the Father and of the Son, from now and forever.'

'And you are after the order of him who was without beginning of days or end of years, from all eternity to all eternity.'

'You are one in me, a son of God, and so all may become my sons. Amen.'"

"Our father, Adam, taught these things." continued Enoch. "Many have believed and become the sons of God. Many have not believed and have died in their sins, and are looking forward with fear, in torment, for the fiery indignation of the wrath of God to be poured out upon them."

Enoch continued to prophesy. "As I was journeying and stood in Mahujah, and cried to the Lord, I heard a voice out of heaven. 'Enoch, turn and get up on the mount Simeon.'"

"I went up onto the mountain, and as I stood there the heavens opened, and I was clothed with glory."

"I saw the Lord, he stood before my face, and he talked with me, even as one man talks with another. He said, 'Look, I will show you the world for the space of many generations.'"

"I looked and I saw the valley of Shum. There were many people there! They lived in tents and were the people of Shum."

"The Lord said, 'Look.' I looked toward the north and saw the people of Cainan, who also lived in tents."

"And the Lord said, 'Prophesy.'"

"I began to prophesy. 'Behold, the people of Cainan, which are numerous. They shall go forth in battle against the people of Shum and shall kill them, they shall completely destroy the people of Shum. Then the people of Cainan shall divide themselves in the land of Shum taking the land for themselves. The land shall become barren and unfruitful. No other people shall live there but the people of Cainan. The land will be cursed with much heat and it shall be barren forever. And the people of Cainan will be despised among all people.'"

"The Lord said, 'Look.' And I looked and saw the land of Sharon, the land of Enoch, the land of Omner, the land of Heni, the land of Shem, the land of Haner, and the land of Hanannihah, and all the peoples of these lands."

"The Lord then said to me, 'Go forth to this people, and say to them, 'Repent, or I will come out and smite them with a curse, and they will die.'"

"God gave me this commandment, that I should baptize in the name of the Father, and of the Son, who is full of grace and truth, and the Holy Ghost which bears record of the Father and the Son."


As if released from a spell the crowd began to murmur. They argued among themselves who Enoch could be. Most resented his words.

"I believe you," called a voice in the crowd. It was a young man and his young wife who came forward to be near Enoch.

"He is a madman!" yelled angry voices in the crowd. "He has strange powers but he speaks lies. We are not sinners and he deserves to die for his words against us! You stupid idiot," they threatened the young man and his wife, "if you go along with this man you and all your house deserve to die as well!"

The young man stepped closer to where Enoch was and drew his wife with him. They appealed to Enoch, "We believe you and would like to follow the commandments of God." His wife timidly nodded her head in agreement. By now the people were pressing forward in a menacing manner, their faces ugly with hatred. Enoch extended his arm to the young man and his wife and helped them come up on the rock on which he was standing, Then all three turned and walked up the hill from the people, Enoch calmly leading. Rocks and sticks were becoming thick in the air, but none of them could touch the three people whom God protected.


Enoch began walking up and down all the inhabited lands, preaching and teaching and baptizing. Our own land of Cainan was the only land in which he did not preach, for we already obeyed the commandments of God. We were not surprised that in these other lands dominated by evil men and full of bloodshed there were a few people who craved for words of truth and peace. These few could not get enough of the words of Enoch but soaked up his words as the dry earth drinks water. These few were baptized and were immediately rejected by their families and cities as traitors. Even as they left injury was attempted against them. But the power of God was with these converts. Their loyalties had turned to God and away from the counsels of their people who denied God and worshipped Satan.

These new converts to the law of salvation must have a place. They could not stay in the lands of their birth or they would not survive. They began to gather into a new city called Zion, or the city of Holiness. As the city grew it gained many enemies. These enemies were families who could not forgive or release its own members who had accepted the Lord. It is ironic that they could not merely let them go, since they had already rejected them. But now they must actively plot to destroy them.

Adam and his sons and of course Enoch, were hearing murmurs in all the lands against the city of Zion. There were rumors that soon they would amass a great army and destroy Zion.

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Genesis Chapter 6:16-71 and Chapter 7:1-25
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Section 104: 18-24

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